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The Library needs you! We have many jobs to do and far too few hands.

Do you have a unique display to share with Library patrons in our front display windows?

If you are a quilter, Lego builder, ceramicist, wood carver/turner or even a taxidermist, we have space behind glass to display your creations.

Do you enjoy wrapping birthday or holiday gifts?

Book covering is for you! This position has the side benefit of giving you the first sneak peek at all the new additions to the library collection as well!

Do have a flair for art?

We have rotating displays of artwork at the library. This volunteer position could coordinate our current roster of artists and contact new ones. We would also love to have “meet the artist” receptions or presentations.

Do you enjoy decorating for the holidays?

The library loves to reflect the change of seasons and needs a volunteer with a creative eye to take charge of decorating. We also have a rotating gallery of themed collections in our display case.

Are you great with your A,B,C’s?

We always have book that need re-shelving!

History Buff?

Well history is in the making here in Chesterfield. We have an ongoing collection that needs to be updated with any and all articles, information and news clippings that have to do with the Chesterfield area. If you are an avid reader of local papers and magazines, this position is for you!

Big Idea Person?

Let’s make the library a vibrant community resource that offers fantastic adult programming. This volunteer could think up hot topics such as weatherizing your home, parenting your teen, resume building skills, gardening and canning, monitoring your kids online etc… They could then work with the Friends group to create monthly or bi-monthly presentations.

These are just some of the potential opportunities. Email or call the library to find a volunteer position fit just for you.


The Chesterfield Public Library has been fortunate to receive donations in the form of memorials, gifts, and cash, as well as several grants for new technology. We also gladly accept donations of books and other media such as CDs and videos. The library’s 501c3 non-profit status has allowed for tax-deductable donations. The Library has established the Chesterfield Library Endowment Fund to preserve and enhance our vital resource. Please stop in for more information if you’d like to donate, and thank you!

Friends of Chesterfield Library

Learn more about the official library organization of volunteers, The Friends of Chesterfield Library