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Internet Policies

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Library Hours

Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 1pm – 8pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Closed: Friday & Sunday

Policy For Use Of The Internet

The Chesterfield Public Library offers direct access to selected Internet services as a part of its commitment to the role of the public library in the Information Age. Funding for this project was made possible by a grant from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation.

The Chesterfield Public Library, its Trustees and staff do not control the Internet, which is a global entity. As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. Parents, not the library staff, are responsible for their child’s use of the Internet at the library. Parents are encouraged to come in with their children and “surf the Net” together.

The library cannot censor your access or protect you from information which you may find controversial or inappropriate. Not all sites on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. You must be a good information consumer, questioning the validity of the information you find.

Library staff will assist and answer questions when possible depending on other library traffic and usage. The Internet connection is provided for User access. The library staff is not available to perform Internet reference searches.

Computer Access (available during regular library hours)

Guidelines to allow equitable access:


  • Valid Chesterfield Library card
  • Signed acceptance of Library’s Internet Policy/Procedures
  • Parental/Guardian signature for use by minors

Computer time:

  • Computer use is allotted in ½ hour segments on the hour and half hour
  • Reservations may be made by telephone
  • Unreserved time may be used on a walk-in basis


  • Downloading of user software to library computers is not allowed
  • Users may download to floppy disks. Cost of $1.00 at circulation desk


  • 10 cents per page payable at circulation desk

Equipment failure:

  • Report equipment failure to staff at the circulation desk

Copies of The Chesterfield Library Computer Use Policies are available at the Circulation Desk.

Free use of the Chesterfield Library computer equipment is available to Library Patrons. Users who abuse these services or equipment may find their usage terminated at any time by a member of the library staff.

Educational classes are offered at the Library when sufficient demand warrants. If you would like generalized training in how to use a computer or help in a specific area please leave your name on the Computer Training List at the Library Circulation Desk.