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Chesterfield Library Catalog Now Searchable Online!

Search the Catalog

Good news! You can now search the Chesterfield Library catalog from home (or wherever you have a computer and internet access)! There is now a search button like the one below on the left side of the website to access the library catalog (this one below works too!). For now, we are not providing access to patron accounts so, ignore the log in information on right of the Koha (our library catalog website) screen when you click through. Simply type your search term (title, author, subject, etc.) into the search box and click “Go”.

Search the Catalog

You may need to click around a bit to get a feel for it and there are advanced search options you can explore. Also, pay attention to the information beneath the title under “publication” which will indicate when the the material is a book or audio CD or DVD, etc. Lastly, because we are not providing patron access to their own accounts via this search, you will not yet be able to place books on hold (but you can call us to do that for you during regular library hours) or create private lists.

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