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Chesterfield Authors’ Contest 2015

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We are thrilled to announce that there were very large numbers of entries in this year’s Chesterfield Authors’ Contest! Winners will receive letters in the mail. Awards nights for the contest are as follows:

Adult Awards Night: Friday, March 20, 6:30 pm (in conjunction with the Ernie Hebert Author Visit)
Children Award Night
: Friday, March 28th

It’s that time of year again! Time to start working on your entry for the Chesterfield Authors’ Contest. Entries are due by January 31st.

The Authors’ Contest is open to all Chesterfield residents (or nonresident taxpayers.) Contestants are grouped into 10 age categories:
*Grade 1    *Grade 2    *Grade 3    *Grade 4    *Grade 5    *Grade 6    *Grade 7    *Grade 8    *Grades 9-12     *Adults

What: Original, unpublished, remunerated works in any of the following genres. These are the four categories to choose from.  A contestant can only enter into two categories and only one work per category with a separate entry form for each submission. If a contestant does not follow these guidelines, all of their entries will be disqualified for the contest.  

• Poetry, limited to 30 lines
• Fiction, limited to 1,500 words
• Nonfiction, limited to 1,500 words
• Stories in Cartoon Format, limited to 100 words and 6 pictures

When: Entries must be submitted to the Chesterfield Public Library (or its return box) no later than January 31 of the contest year.
Awards will be in March at Town Hall.

Entries must be submitted by January 31st.
Awards will be presented in March

Download the entry form and complete rules for the Chesterfield Authors’ Contest 2015

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